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In this article, we are going to discuss the best lock screens apps that are available in Play Store. Talking about the lock screen, they had been evolved over years from various slide to unlock types and all the manufacturers make sure that they show their personal touch on the lock screen. Moreover, it is has been some sort of smartphone security aspects these days.  If the users are bored of their lock screen that their device manufacturers provided or want to have more features than provides, it’s recommended that they had to try out the lock screen given below. 

If the users are bored of their lock screen that their device manufacturers provided or want to have more features than provides, it’s recommended that they had to try out the lock screen given below. Here are some of the best cool lock screen apps for Android mobile in 2017. Let’s dive in!

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Best Android Lock Screen Apps 2017

1. Next Lock Screen

The app was developed by Microsoft Corporation. They even won the award for the Best lock screen app for Android. Apart from just unlocking the device, this app could do much more than that.

The app does everything which a lock screen would provide like showing notifications, setting up locks with a pattern, pin, password and even fingerprint scanning (if and only if the device has the capable hardware).

Next Lock Screen can also allow the user to call or message their favorite contact without even unlocking the device which could be the user’s preferences. The app also provides a quick access bar at the bottom which will have the frequently used apps along with the camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flashlight and so one. It even provides the music controls, making it easy to play songs without unlocking along with weather updates and calendar.   DownloadQR-Code Next Lock Screen Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free  

2. LokLok

This is a lock which is not exactly a lock screen. Isn’t irony it? But this lock screen is much more fun than any lock screen could be. It is recommended to try this lock screen app if the user wants to have some fun but the fun along with the friends and not alone.

The idea of the app is so simple. Install this app on the user’s device along with their friends and form a group. The people in the group will have the same lock screen as it could be compared with a whiteboard. So, now the user can just draw and done. That is going to be updated with others members of the group, who will soon see it when they pick their devices.   DownloadQR-Code LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen Developer: Impossible Price: Free+

3. SlideLock Locker

This is great lock screen app for the users who had just moved from iPhone to Android. Things can go little disturbing when a user port from iPhone to Android, SlideLock Lockers is here to save those.

SlideLock Locker is one of the best lock screen apps with a legit design which could sweep the user off their feet in their first glance. The lock types are standards such as a pin, pattern, and slide. The notification opens with a double tap and dismissed by a swipe. If the lock screen is swiped from left to right, it launches the camera. The screen gets on for some time whenever the phone gets a notification as to show it.   DownloadQR-Code SlideLock Locker Developer: Silver Finger Software Price: Free+

4. CM Locker

CM Locker has a lot of features which are so powerful few of those are phone booster, power saver which can boost almost up to 30%. Just like the other lock screen apps this comes with the pattern and pin out of which the user may choose one.

The notification reminder of the app gets the fast access to the notifications and also have a privacy mode in which the user could hide the content as per one’s desire. The toolbox features which has the quick access for Wi-Fi, flashlight, recent apps and so on.

This is a really useful feature, intruder selfie which clicks the image of the person who tries to enter into the phone with wrong passwords from the front camera of the device. Now, the user can identify the person who tried to sneak into the phone which the user’s knowledge.   RegisterQR-Code CM Locker Schütze Privatsphäre Developer: Cheetah Mobile (Secure lockscreen & Applock) Price: To be announced  

5. Ac Display

Ac Display also provides a great experience for the users. The design of the app is minimalistic with a dark background and it shows notification on the lock screen.

Active mode is also available which tries to predict when the user picks his phone to look at it, a blacklist to stop apps from sending notifications to the lock screen, dynamic background settings, low-priority notification settings and much more to make the user experience outstanding. In simple words its reliable, stable and of course worth a try.   DownloadQR-Code AcDisplay Developer: Artem Chepurnoy Price: Free+

6. Locket Lock screen

This lock screen app is not like other apps, this is available for free of cost. Locket Lockscreen is an intelligent lock screen. It brings the trending stories by the time the user wakes up or their device. As the days go by, the app learns the user’s interest and show up the relevant content on the lock screen. The user can also save the stories and read them later too. 

Due to some issues, this is not available in some countries. Anyhow, it is one of the best lock screen app, though.

Download Locket

7. Alarm Antitheft Screen Lock

As the name say, this app does an excellent job. This is what it does when someone tries to sneak into one’s phone the alarm triggers. The app is available for free in Play Store. This app has other features which could be unlocked in the in-app purchases.

If the user’s phone has been away from him for a while, in which the user’s friends tries to play with the phone and unlock with a wrong password. The moment he enters a wrong pin or pattern; the alarm goes off making an irritating noise to reach the user’s ears.   DownloadQR-Code Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock Developer: Mobiloucos 2 Price: Free  

Wrapping up Android Lockscreens,

The above are the best Android lockscreen apps 2017 available in Play Store. If we had missed any of the best lock screen apps, feel free to comment below in comment section.

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